Walking Away

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy”

That’s easy to say when you’re only dating someone.  But what if you’re married and perhaps have kids?  It’s not so easy then.

How do you know when to walk away?

If you have kids, would you really uproot their very existence and destroy their happiness as they try to figure out why Mommy & Daddy are no longer together?

What about you?   What’s best for you?  Do you put aside your happiness and stay in a miserable relationship just so your kids will grow up happy?  Then what are you teaching your kids? That marriage is about mommy & daddy leading separate lives, essentially being roommates that can barely coexist.  That marriage is not about loving relationships.  That marriage is not about respecting your spouse or making your spouse a priority.

Do I have the answers?  Nope!   These are all questions I have as I decide what to do for my sake so that I am no longer mentally and emotionally drained as I deal with my husband’s attitudes toward marriage and me.


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