continued from Sex with Your Spouse

….and then I thought of strength and my current situation with my husband and what people would think.  Many would say that I am not strong; that I am weak for sticking around so long and continuing to give my body to him.  Why else would I keep fighting for my marriage when my husband’s actions says he doesn’t care if he loses his family or not?

Then the Universe keeps speaking to me, encouraging me to look at the bigger picture.  Some friends and family members keep encouraging me to stay strong and keep fighting.  They say that all is not lost yet.  Then I read today:

“It takes a strong heart to love, but it takes an even stronger heart to continue to love after it’s been hurt.”

And then I keep seeing things like,

“Keep praying.  Don’t quit. Miracles happen everyday so never stop believing. God can change things very quickly in your life.”



The Universe speaks.  I listen.


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