Part 1: My Love Experiment

In case you missed it, I have embarked on a research project based on article I read to see how it changes the dynamics of my relationship with my husband.  You can read about it here.

Part 1 of the project is to go 31 consecutive days without saying “I love you,” and to instead show him that I love him.  I asked myself, how can I do that?  And because Google is my BFF, I did a search for ideas.  My problem is that many of the ideas listed from multiple sources, either I already do those things or they’re things he’s just not into.

Upon self reflection, I thought that maybe I could start off by not letting the annoying things he does bother me and take it from there.  And WOW that seemed to work…initially. 🙂  Because you know the way my patience is set up, there’s only so much ignoring I can do before I blow up.

In summary, so far it has been 15 days since I started this project.  By Day 12, I had to hit the reset button and start all over.  I promise once I make it to 31 consecutive days of showing him love, I will provide an update and summary of some of the things that I did and the successes.

I’ll close with today’s Yogi tea inspirational thought, which is very appropriate to this topic:

The essence of life is to communicate love.

Much Love and Blessings ♥


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