During my past blogging life, I wrote about living the single life, the hardships I faced, and my desires.  Well, several years later, I am now married with children.

My husband and I recently celebrated our first year of marriage and it is as they say, “The first year of marriage is the toughest.”  It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived together for years or are living together for the first time as man and wife.  It doesn’t matter if you had kids before or after the marriage.  The first year is the toughest!  The drama we’ve seen during our first year, I never saw coming.  The conflicts, the misunderstandings….

My hope is that we will be able to take the lessons we’ve learned and rebuild our marriage into something so strong, it can’t be broken.  And perhaps along the way, the lessons I’ve learned thus far and those that I am learning will help others.

Keep in mind, that what works for us, may not work for you.  You may judge our trials, you may judge how we handle conflict, you may judge why we stayed together, or you may not.  But, our path is our path.  Only you and your spouse/partner can decide which path will work for your relationship.  But through it all…

Love is the Key.  ♥